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Building Technology

IT Systems Integration

Implementation and integration

Today, the integration of information systems is an absolute necessity for successful business.

If you are facing increasing workload, reduced human resources and a small development budget, the problem can be solved with a good technical development plan.

Let us help you find a complete solution – making a plan, choosing technology and equipment and integration.

Building IT systems
  • VoIP solutions
  • Video surveillance
  • Structured cabling
  • Access control
  • Specialized access control for swimming pools and aqua parks
  • Sound and public address
  • Intercom

Multimedia Halls

Conference rooms, meeting rooms, classrooms

Quality integration is a prerequisite for more efficient work in the hall. We offer a technical solution that makes management intuitive, easy and accessible to everyone.
Delivery and installation of LCD projectors, motorized screens, audio and video distribution systems.
Let technology work for you, so you can focus on content.


Office & next generation office solutions

The core of all Bachmann systems are modern technology and innovation. Thanks to configurable solutions for various types of connections, these systems represent an ideal basis for building flexible connections. Bachmann solutions ensure secure communication, and all system elements are designed to meet the highest standards of functionality and design.


IP Video Surveillance

IP technologies for surveillance and monitoring

Solutions based on open IP standards allow monitoring and recording wherever you are. Take full advantage of IP technologies to control and monitor entire cities and industrial complexes, or protect something you hold dear and precious.

Video surveillance control rooms

We provide state-of-the-art AV distribution systems, multi-window view processors, KVM distribution systems, camera control and multimedia presentation systems. This way we simplify the management of video walls and other AV devices in video surveillance rooms.

IP Video Surveillance

IP video surveillance based on MOBOTIX and AXIS solutions.
Design, delivery and installation of IP cameras, servers, professional video surveillance software with integration of other security systems.

Sound and Public Address Systems

Bit Projekt is designing and implementating sound systems for multimedia halls, conference halls, home theaters, as well as Public Address systems.
Thanks to experience gained from numerous realized PA systems and projects of multimedia halls, as well as close cooperation with the Laboratory for Acoustics of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, we can provide top quality systems for our clients.


AUDAC, a Belgian audio equipment manufacturer, specializes in the production of audio system components for professional applications. The AUDAC portfolio includes digital audio matrices, amplifiers, speakers, microphones, audio sources, system integration components, etc.


Amina Technologies ltd. – invisible loudspeakers

Since 2013. we are partners with the British company Amina Technologies.
Amina is a company specialized in the production of so-called “Invisible Speakers”. These speakers fall into the category of DML (Distributed Mode Loudspeaker) speakers.


Access Control Systems

Access control systems are used for identification, authentication, authorization, access authorization, and accountability of an entity requesting access through login credentials, including passwords, personal identification number (PIN), biometric scanning, and a physical or electronic key.

Metra – smarter electronic locking and access control solutions

  • Electronic locking system – for various electronic cabinets types.
  • Delivery cabinet systems – providing safe storage and 24/7 pickup while minimizing delivery failures.
  • Access control system – complete entry to exit solution: access control, electronic locking and cashless vending.
  • Components – standardized components offer unlimited amount of applications.


Control Rooms

Control rooms based on IP technologies

Provide remote monitoring and control of all systems in your institution, via LAN, at the touch of a button.

Centralized facility management enables operation monitoring of all systems and timely detection of problems, which reduces maintenance costs, increases energy efficiency and makes the overall facility operation more efficient.

Control rooms based on IP technologies require new knowledge and understanding from system integrators.

Inspiring sound solutions


Digital audio matrices. Amplifiers. Speakers. Microphones. Audio content sources. System integration components.

Reference Projects