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Installation, Support and Maintenance

Your reliable partner

Cable System Installation

Professional installation team for all installation types

Bit Projekt has the necessary knowledge and tools to meet all the client’s requirements regarding low current systems, which results in one of the strongest reference lists in the region in the telecommunications field .
Our team of engineers and installers has the necessary knowledge to design and implement all low current systems, passive optical and copper installation. Our commitment to providing all services in the field of low current systems ensures maximum functionality and connectivity of our customers’ systems.

Services and Maintenance

Service and maintenance of servers, computer equipment, network equipment and the entire network infrastructure

Servicing and maintenance of computers and computer equipment
reinstalling operating systems – windows and linux, data backup, data recovery from damaged disks, removing viruses and other forms of malware, upgrading computers

Servicing and maintenance of computer networks
servers and workstations maintenance by contract or on call, network security check, network troubleshooting (termination of part or the whole network, speed problems, etc.), network expansion and upgrade (adding active equipment and new sockets), replacement of the old BNC network infrastructure with a modern one (UTP / fiber optic cables), solving problems with internet connection, etc.


Web, Mail, DataBase, Proxy, DNS, DHCP, FTP, Radius, virtual servers, clusters, routers, switches, firewalls, NAS

For many years, Bit Projekt has been working on the installation, administration and remote monitoring of active network equipment in networks of various architectures and degrees of complexity. Server administration includes Linux servers (mail, DNS, Web Proxy with real-time antivirus scanning, Domain controller, Web Server, additional server security measures) and MS Windows servers (Domain controller, Exchange server, SharePoint Portal Server, ISA Server). In addition to servers, our administrators ensure network security by protecting routers and switches, using firewalls, and establishing and maintaining a demilitarized zone (DMZ).